Upping is a creative studio specialized in the production of business videos.
We help emerging companies consolidate their brand with unicity and innovation.
Ricrea – the recycle of steel
True Italian Taste Europe – incoming mission to Marche region
RATS! Omnibus
Spike Team – ANSF campaign
Emiflex – leader in gas, water and solar
Omme Gears
Q33 Gianluca Bartolucci – verdicchio dei castelli di Jesi D.O.C. classico superiore
Lega del Filo d’Oro – 50 years of life
Sit back. Relax. We take care of it

You need a video with great inspirational impact. A video powerful enough to both impress and influence your viewers.
You need upping.

We put the highest care in every stage of production. From graphic design to target analysis, from concept development to scriptwriting, from filming to video editing.


Whether you launch a new product or a new service, promotional videos enhance their qualities to the best. They increase your company’s visibility and give you an edge over your competitors.


These videos show the anatomy of your company, its structure and all the mechanisms. A journey inside its cosmos to the discovery of the features that make your company so special.


Conceived and crafted to speak the language of social media, these videos help you amplify your campaign, increase the number of followers, establish a community and attract potential clients.


Even the most complex of concepts become simple with a video, an excellent educational tool that enables you to reach students from all over the world and save money at the same time.


They put your company in a new light by telling the true essence of your brand and the reason why a client should pick you. They evoke emotions and generate trust.


Press conferences, exhibitions or conventions: regardless the nature of your events, the stream will remove geographical boundaries, it will expand and engage your catchment area.


A series of videos made and published according to a specific plan, with the intention of ensuring a long term presence of your brand and keeping the audience attention high.


This category of videos takes the consumer inside the decision-making process behind the realization of a product and, using a collection of data, underlines difficulties and results met.

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