Your life is a movie
(or better, a webserie)
Web Serie The Boogies pasticceria

(or better, a webserie)

In a world where millennials and social platforms dictate the pace of communication and images reign sovereign, a silent and yet unstoppable revolution in video marketing is taking place: say goodbye to the old and boring practice, typical of tv commercials, of narrating a company by showing what it does (and not what it actually is) and welcome, instead, the new way of representing the true essence of an enterprise: its people (managers, employees…)
Nowadays the user is eagerly after concepts like transparency and truth and therefore we must put down the mask and show the backstage of our company, what there’s behind, its living and pulsating heart made of characters, stories and emotions. And all that with a video.

But how should we tell it?

Our suggestion is to not chose the format of a corporate video, but rather to throw yourself headlong in a web-serie. Yes, you heard it right! Even you can be placed side by side with other prestigious characters like Eleven, Tokyo or Mr White, but in your exclusive and innovative serie.

Web Serie The Boogies pasticceria
Web Serie The Boogies pasticceria backstage

And why a Web Serie?

Because a serie of high quality videos with strong impact can leave an indelible trace in the viewer’s mind, it can spark an emotion in exchange for her loyalty to your brand.
But there is more: a web-serie convey in a smart way and without barriers the values of your company; It can be seen on all devices and use an “everyday” language that helps users with the process of identification and therefore entails the potential of getting viral.
The client will rather trust a company when it’s willing to expose itself by sharing its story than one, which prefers to hide behind a finished product.

Follow the wave of change, ride it if you don’t want to be crushed!

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